Fence Panel Installation

Step 1:

Drive Post #1. Post should be 7 feet in length or longer. Clamp Large Panel to the post as shown.

Step 2:

Move the panel slightly out of line. Drive post #2, as shown, in order for the post hole driver to clear the brace panel.

Note: Be sure the post is tight against the brace panel.

Step 3:

After driving post #2, hold it tightly against the top of the Large Panel. At the same time, secure both theLarge and Small Brace Panels at the top of the post with a clamp. Attach a second clamp at the bottom of the panels and T post.

Note: If rocky soil prevents post from fitting tightly against brace panel, bend the T post to the brace panel to fit tight.

Step 4:

Drive post #3 and secure Small Brace Panel to it as shown.

Step 5:

On slopes or grades adjust the brace up or down as needed. For sandy soils or swamps a "dead man" post may be used to provide extra support. A T post is driven into the ground next to the original T post and panel until only the top is above ground. This "dead man" post is then clamped to the original post and panel.